The Vouge Of Celebrity

Celebrities have it pretty tough.. the women much worse. They have to look their best every single time, for every award function, for every public appearance even if they take their dog out to a walk.

Here is a list (in no random order) of what I think are some of the most well dressed celebs:

Anne Hathaway:

Anne wore this gorgeous outfit to the Love and Other Drugs premieres in Sydney in December and honestly, I think it’s her prettiest outfit yet! I love the retro look and the golden sequins. The mid-thigh hemline seems to do wonders for the dress. it flatters her perfectly and her arm candy ain’t too bad either (wink wink).

Hailee Steinfeld:

Now this is a 14 year old who knows how to dress! Her dress perfectly suits her age without making her look too cutesy and is the perfect choice for the National Board of Review in terms of color.

Yvonne Strahovski:

For those of you wondering where you’ve seen the face before, she’s the girl from Chuck. Undoubtedly she’s pretty as a pop but her dress is simply gorgeous. It defines her ‘oh so perfect’ body wonderfully while still providing that required bit of elegance. The color excites me along with the light ruffle. Her hair and shoes are working for the dress. Definitely fab!

Zoe Saldana:

Now that’s called pulling off a dress. The unusual leather mini dress looks terrific on her. Her funky accessories only add to the look – the jewelry has just the right amount of groove in it without going overboard. Her two-tone brown and burgundy shoes would probably not be an obvious choice but combined with the clutch and jewelry, id say Zoe here has managed to pull off the look quite fantastically!

Kristen Stewart:

I love the sparkles all over her mini dress. I love the way she’s carrying it off. I love how she’s making it look so easy. I love the black sash running through the outfit. I love that transparent layer of white. In short, I love Kristen Stewart’s look!

Helen Mirren:

Now that’s a lady with class! She’s seems to know just what she can carry off and what she can’t. She’s probably one of the few celebs, I know who doesn’t seem to be fighting age. (Actually with a bod like hers, I’m think we may have to redefine age). This outfit is proof that a 65-year old can look super hot and give a lot of youngsters a run for their money!

Khloe Kardashian:

It’s almost a relief to see one celebrity looking like she uses her money to purchase food. I love the way Khloe is carrying off this sweetheart neckline outfit. Its flattering to her full figure and looks quite ravishing too, no?

Jennifer Aniston:

I’m a fan of this woman. Other than the fact that she’s been blessed with the most wonderful hair she’s 40 something and can still carry off a tight short clingy dress like she’s just turned 20. The pleats and tiny bows of the dress along with the nude color looks fantastic. I’m completely digging the look!


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