The Ten Worst Dressed Oscar Celebs

The Oscars is not just a time to recognize the acting talents of the celebs but also their dressing talents. What they wear and who they come along with are probably more discussed than the awards themselves! As usual, there are those fantastic few like Helen Mirren, who never seem to go wrong; then there are those like January Jones who never seems to get it right and there are yet others like Madonna who have redefined ‘normal’ to include conical shape bustiers and high under wears.

Here is a list of the ten most horribly dresses celebs at the Oscars:

1. Anika Noni Rose

Satin, Miss Rose is your worst nightmare – especially if it seems to show off your belly button, makes your chest look a bit lopsided and is combined with some bright yellow feathers that look like a rip off from Cartoon Network.

2. Anna Hathaway

All I can say is that Anna Hathaway thought for some reason that the Oscars were devoid of chairs this year. So she decided to bring along her own comfy, little, built-in cushion.

3. Annette Bening

I don’t know. This doesn’t quite hit vintage as much as it hits look what my grandmother – a fan of the disco era – did when she found herself a set of extra beads. A Naeem Khan creation, this formal beaded evening dress has me utterly confused. It’s not absolutely terrible but it’s just not nice either. The whole get up and the overall look leaves me very very jumbled!

4. Cate Blanchett

Oops! Blanchett forgot it’s the Oscars! She still thought she was along the sets of ‘Elizabeth’. This is what I think – she woke up one fine morning and decided you know I think I should remind everyone just how good an actor I really am. Maybe if I dressed up like a Victorian housemaid I’ll remind everyone of just that!

5. Claire Danes

She does seem to remind me of a patient – one who was just up for examination at some chic, classy and very expensive doctor who has his hospital garb designed by some high standard designer.

6. Florence

Love the hair and err.. that’s where it ends! Her dress is rather confusing. It has lace, some corsetty ruffles and a pale nude color. I know – maybe Welch is playing Blanchett’s maid – the loyal one who will do anything for her employer.

7. Helena Bonham Carter

The red carpet would never be as interesting with a touch of ‘crazy’. HBC stole all the crazy limelight. She seems like a fun person though, one who could have you in splits when you are at a bar drunk off the hook.

8. Jena Malone

I seem to have a problem with semi-transparent see throughs. I hate them with as much zest as I love ruffles and that means a lot of zest! Malone looks like a 13 year old blend of Taylor Momsen and Madonna’s kid.

9. Joan Collins

The poor thing had to be rushed to the hospital because she was having dizzy spells. She later said that it was because she was wearing a dress that was too tight for her. Need I say more?

10. Madonna

The award undoubtedly goes to Madonna. She never fails to amaze me. Think about it – what does she have? High waist under wears and a few black bras. Yet, she creatively manages to combine them year after year to come out with something wackier than the previous!


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