How To Dress Like A Movie Star On The Red Carpet

The Red Carpet is a funny thing! Sure, the first you think of is royalty and then the celebs or maybe the reverse order – but the point is no matter what you think – it boils down to intense scrutiny – of your hair, your make up, your shoes, your accessories and most importantly your dress!


I love the way (most) celebs dress up for the Red Carpet – their infusion of grace, feminism and perfection all rolled up in one. Of course, they do have million dollar designers chalking up their dresses for them but then again who is to say that our local dress maker is not just as good! All you have to do is ask your dress maker to try and ape the dress you loved or as an alternative order a similar dress online. Just select one you loved celebrity cocktail dress snap and get similar dress from your tailor.  Even A lot of websites offer celeb imitation dresses – and for a lot cheaper!


Here are a few celebrities who so far have been creating perfection on the Red Carpet in 2011:


Teenager – Hailee Steinfeld

I adore this girl and her designer! It’s especially difficult for women in their ‘blooming’ stage to dress up and Hailee Steinfeld seems to have mastered the art perfectly (unlike Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan). Her clothes are always appropriate for the occasion while simultaneously being perfect for a ninth or tenth grader. It’s cutesy without being sexy; never involves too much skin show, classy, confident and absolutely gorgeous! If ever there was a magazine launched solely for teenage girls, Hailee along with her dress sense would definitely make it to the cover.


Young adult – Blake Lively

Wikipedia claims the girl is 23 and boy does she dress up pretty! Of course she’s pretty and got a great television show to herself but this lady here knows how to play up her fantastic figure and legs! Though, I have to warn you that it’s not easy carrying off the stuff she does, because I know for a fact that if I shoved myself into what she wore I would look absolutely horrid!


Adult – Mila Kunis

Utterly gorgeous of course! With a face like hers you would never have to worry about what you’re wearing. Yet Mila is by far one of the best dressers there is today. She was just recently voted as the best dressed at the SAGs awards and then again in the running for best dressed at the Oscars! She is the one girl I know, who knows how to accessorize while simultaneously and perpetually having a great hair day! Another great celeb to take fashion advice from would be Zoe Saldanha!


Mature – Helen Mirren

Hot to look hot at 60? This woman is the most wonderful guide to looking utterly fantastic at any age. She carries herself well, dresses fantastically to suit her age and body. I have never seen her trying to act younger than her age in terms of her dressing nor have I seen her dressed in frumpy grandma clothes. Her dresses are elegant and regal, just the way mature women should dress!



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