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The Ideal Celeb Dress Styles You Should Sport!

Celebrities always seem to get it right. Save for the occasional blooper they seem to know how to dress, smile walk the talk and talk the walk. Their confidence and sheer charisma makes plenty of little and not so little girls wishing that they were in their place.

True, they have the most expensive designers catering to their whims and fancies; but that does not take away from the fact that they too have their flaws. The secret lies in being able to flatter their best assets and conceal their flaws with style. Celebs have it the hardest. They are under constant scrutiny and their minutest little detail is noticed. In spite of that, they manage to look gorgeous at every single occasion.

It’s true, we don’t have a host of designers and fashion experts at our service but we have the power of observation and a keen eye. So here are a list of celebs, their body types and their best choice in clothing! Pick out which suits you the best and create your own style statement!

Celeb: Scarlett Johansson
Body type: hourglass figure

This is one celebrity who knows how to dress up. But then again she is blessed with a figure to die for. She has the typical hourglass figure where everything from tight sheaths to short dresses suit her. Johansson usually wears dresses with a belt that tightens around her waist. This accentuates her tiny waist and her ample bust and rounded hips! A celeb who rarely goes wrong, Scarlett Johansson simply rocked at the Golden Globes in her beautiful shimmery body hugging red carpet dress.

Celeb: Gwyneth Paltrow
Body type: skinny

Gwyneth Paltrow and her body have been making news for ages. It can’t be easy dressing up a body like that. If you notice, Paltrow always opts for dresses which fit her like a second skin and usually high necklines. This emphasizes her long body at the same time conceals her lack of assets.

Celeb: Amber Riley
Body type: plus sized

It’s tough for plus sized women to dress up. It’s even tougher when they are on the red carpet. Amid all the scrutiny and hoopla Amber Riley is one celeb who has managed to hold her own. She usually opts for empire waisted gowns with diagonal pleats and dark colors. They could be in shimmer or materials with a light sheen but the gowns she picks are more often than not fabulous.

Celeb: Jennifer Lopez
Body type: pear shaped

In my opinion, pear shaped celebs have it the toughest. They have to conceal those heavy thighs while at the same time look spectacular. Nobody plays it better than Jennifer Lopez. Right from figure hugging sheaths which flare at the hips to straight cut skirts, Jennifer Lopez sure knows how to play her cards right!