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The Best Dressed Teen Celebs

Celebs have it hard. Sure there is the fame and all that money but the glory has its dark side too. Imagine being scrutinized day in and out. Every little piece of clothing you wear, every lock of hair you cut, every smile and look you give – all of it captured, all of it discussed.

It’s hard enough being a celebrity without having the trouble of dealing with being a teen celebrity. Once upon a time, something as simple as an impish smile and a cute catchphrase was more than enough. Today, teen celebs have to watch what they say, wear and do. It can’t be easy for them to dress up. They have to strike that perfect balance. You can’t be too over dressed or adult like while at the same time you can’t look like a kid.

Here is a list of a few teen celebs, who seem to get it right most of the time:

Selena Gomez:

It must be pretty tough to grow out of Disney, because sooner or later you reach the “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” time (Remember Britney) and that’s when the trouble starts. You cannot afford to look too adult too quick or too young for too long. Selena, here seems to have managed to get her look down pat! I admire her choice in outfit. She manages to look pretty and old enough without crossing over into the “look at me trying to be so mature” look.








Brenda Song:

It must be nice to know that you have both acting talent and the ability to dress well. Brenda looks perfectly cute in this green sheath and I love the sleeves which add that zing to the dress. Her accessories perfectly compliment what could otherwise have been a very monotonous dress










Emma Watson:

I love the fact that she wears pant suits with such panache and looks awesome in i. I love that she makes winter clothing so much fun and I love this gorgeous white gown she has on. She looks oh so pretty without overdoing it. Although, much as I absolutely adore Emma and want all the world of good for her, I would say that the slit is just a little too high up.










Emma Roberts:

I love this gorgeous dress worn by Emma Roberts. This is one of the best in one shoulder party dresses . It suits her perfectly. It compliments her thin bone structure and the mid-thigh ending flared dress adds to the beauty. I’m enjoying the lace bordering of her beautiful cocktail dress and the way it perfectly compliments her skin tone.










Jamie Lynn Roberts:

She has her work cut out for her, what with being the sister of the famous or must I say infamous Britney Spears, plus her pregnancy. But, she does have her style sense intact – thank heavens for that. The shorts jump suit she’s wearing is fresh and cute. It’s attractive and fun and she seems to be glowing in it (no pun intended).











Vanessa Hudgens:

She can sing, she can dance, she looks fab and her legs look fantastic. I like this girl. Vanessa may not make it big in Hollywood any time soon but she has that cute girly talent. The kind that makes you want to hold her and say – don’t worry bout what you read in the papers – you look fantastic!














Miley Cyrus:

I’m not too big a fan of Miley’s dressing but this outfit hear clearly deserves an applause. It’s got that toughish, sexy look that I’m absolutely liking, without being too overtly sexy. The lack of hair extensions are quite a refreshing change too!